October, 2015, on the Everest Base Camp trek. Magnificent Aba Dablam lurks over my shoulder. 

October, 2015, on the Everest Base Camp trek. Magnificent Aba Dablam lurks over my shoulder. 

Rob Feakins

I am a man in his fifties who is, well, ignoring that he is in his fifties and trying to explore as much as I can, while I still can.

I am an official Mt. Travel Sobek Adventurer, a filmmaker, photojournalist, travel blogger, and content director. 

I love all travel, but since I have a clock in my head, I am also focused on adventure travel and ticking off those more physically challenging trips while I still can. 

I am available for shooting films and photography, sponsorship, gear review, trip reviews, travel writing, social media blogging and always a good cup of coffee.

I specialize in bucket list trips, and not giving up but getting on and heading out. 

I have trekked to Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathar in Nepal, been blown down by 90 mile per hour gusts in Patagonia, trekked the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, floated down the Mekong River, hiked the Teton Crest Trail, rafted the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, and trekked the Tour du Mont Blanc. 

My photography has been featured in The Atlantic as one of the best entries in the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. My Steller story, The Beauty that is Bhutan was chosen by Steller editors as one of The Best of 2015. My story on hiking to Everest Base Camp received over 27, 000 views on social media. My story on the Tour du Mont Blanc received over 30,000 views on social media. My articles on The Outbound average 14,000 likes when shared on Instagram. 

These are a few of the things I've discovered: 

Travel reveals what kind of person you truly are.

If you are tolerant, you will greet with open arms the woman who puts a big heaping haul of yak dung into the fire in Gorek Shep, Nepal. If you are irritable, plane delays (and there are always plane delays) will ruin your trip. If you are empathetic then you will be humbled by that three year old little girl offering you her only piece of chocolate in an earthquake devastated village in Nepal. 

I also firmly belief travel makes us all better human beings and offers us a greater understanding of what we have and what others do not. 

They haven't made a Ben Gay or Tiger Balm strong enough yet. May I suggest Tiger Balm Silver?

Some people are born with a heaping helping of wanderlust and others would rather stay home and read a book. I do not know why. 

The Cambodians are absolutely the sweetest people I have ever met. But there's a lot of competition.

I love the anticipation of travel and having hour long conference calls on what gear to bring almost as much as the trips themselves. Almost.

Travel with your partner is the best thing you can do for your marriage or relationship. I love traveling with my wife. And she has terrible jet lag.

Tiger Balm can act as a decongestant if you expertly insert it into your nostril. This is a delicate maneuver, however. And, no, I am not sponsored by Tiger Balm. 

The wonderful problem with a bucket list I've found, however, is that after you tick one off, you add five more. On the Everest trip alone, I heard about five to seven treks I wanted to take. My bucket list is two pages long, single spaced. 

So what the hell are we waiting for? Let's go!